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Ladies Skirts & Trousers 
Ref No: St1
Two Gore Skirt with Inverted Pleat
and Side Pleats
Ref No: St2
Two Gore Skirt
Crescent Pockets
Ref No: St3
Four Gore Skirt
with Invented Pleat
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Ref No: St4
Two Gore Skirt with Soft Gathers
Ref No: St5
Six Gore Skirt with Invented Pleats
Ref No: St6
Two Gore Skirt with Pleats
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Ref No: St7
Two Button Model Notch Lapels
Lower Patch Pockets
Ref No: St8
Fly Front Slacks Cuffs
Ref No: St9
Extended Waistband Fly Front
Watch Pocket Flap
Ref No: St10
Extended Waistband Fly Front
No Creases
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